About Our Vehicles

Our ATVs are new, well-maintained at all times by our in-house mechanic, and a BLAST to drive. We run Honda Rancher 420s, all clutch-less, automatic, and easy for folks of all abilities to ride and enjoy.  Our practice track enables folks of all abilities to be comfortable with the machines and for us to assess their ease with the machines before we climb the mountain. Folks that are not able to control the machines or are too unhinged on the practice track are invited** to ride the trail on our buggies with the tour guide driving. The guides have absolute authority to make these assessments and decline your participation on an ATV. SAFETY (and folks not getting hurt) is our first and last priority every day.

Our buggies are Polaris products – 5-seater Ranger 900s, 4-seater Honda 1000s and 2-seater Honda SideBySides. They are great for those who choose to not drive an ATV, have issues that would preclude ATV riding, are older or younger, or just do not want to drive anything, but yet see the sights. They, too, are a BLAST!

All vehicles take off together and stay together throughout the ride, so the experience of the trail and the tour are the same for all participants.

** We do not offer a refund of the price difference for changing vehicles if you accept a ride on the buggy, but, if you decline participation completely, return to the meeting point and do not go on the ride whatsoever, you will receive a full refund.  We are an ATV company that has buggies, so, if, you reserved an ATV, you pay for that ATV, even if you were unable to ride it.